Who is Moonshine Grooming?

The Bad Boys of Moonshine GroomingMoonshine Grooming is the daring project of our two quintessential bad boys, partners for 6 years now.

It all started with a small barber shop between two friends and their passion. Their ambition was to always offer higher quality service, so they had an idea to develop a range of hair and skin care products that FINALLY met their requirements. These two accomplices have always had a mission to offer unequaled service to their customers, not being afraid to push the limits. This product range perfectly reflects the spirit that is at the heart of their business.

All products have been professionally formulated. The recipes have been tested, modified and retested until they meet the high standards and expectations of today's man.

Ready to commit the perfect crime? Let yourself be tempted by our products specially designed for the most well-groomed men in this world and bring out the '' bad boy '' in you!

The men of Moonshine Grooming in prison